• About yasgorji.com

    My passion for knowing more and exploring life has always been with me since I can remember, and sharing my experiences of the lessons I learned about personal growth and development with others, drove me to create this website.

    For me, this journey began with an ever-lasting flame of curiosity, to understand the world around me, and expanded in seeking wisdom through learning about the unknown things which I could not learn in school, and when I grew up more, the doors to the philosophical world and self-discovery were opened for me.

    But facing a series of unexpected life challenges a few years back, left me feeling lost, and I became vulnerable to the challenges that I faced. But my determination for personal growth helped me to overcome those challenging times, and my passion to comprehend life’s philosophy remained alive in me and helped me to move forward. So, I continued learning, and the techniques and methods that I learned, helped me to raise above the obstacles that I faced within my self and the outside world, and eventually, all these things came hand in hand and emerged me to overcome that difficult phase of my life. This experience led me to a truly transformative journey of learning more about self-reflection, life exploration, and philosophical thinking that helped me with exploring life beyond my old habits and knowledge.


    Over the years, I have attended numerous courses, grown more and more out of my old shell, and gained valuable insights from life’s trials by learning. Now, I want to assist others, who are facing life difficulties, or facing situations where they feel that they have to outgrow their past, and chose the self development path for their growth. As I can offer them my experiences and the valuable guidance that I got through my own personal development journey, in this platform.

    Supporting and helping other individuals on their self-discovery journeys and sharing what I have learned so far in this road with them, gives me the motivation to go beyond my limits to learn and grow more.

    So, if you are on this page and reading about me, I think you are already on a journey of personal growth too!

    Let’s create a nurturing environment filled with empathy, wisdom, care, and understanding.

    On this personal growth journey, we can enhance our lives by learning more about life and ourselves as evolving begins with only a decision. I hope we all can contribute to build a world where everyone can evolve and flourish in a respectful, peaceful and loving environment.